Published on Dec 28, 2016

Air Conditioner White Background Images

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Air conditioners have changed a lot over the years, and some are doing much more than simply cool the air, as some might think! Here is a short list that separates you must have features in your Air conditioner. There are many decisions to make when buying an air conditioner.

Room air conditioning like all the air conditioners designed in a number of British Thermal Units (BTU) of heat they can remove per hour. Another common method of cooling the rating is by “ton”, as some of them 5,500 BTU per hour or 14,000 BTU per hour.

Getting the right size of air conditioner for your application is crucial. If you get the wrong size, you can easily waste a lot of electricity. Size of your air conditioner depends on:

  • How big is your house and how much do you have?
  • What tone do you have? Do you have a shade on windows, walls and roof of your house?
  • Possible ceilings and walls of your home properly insulated?
  • Do you have air leaks?
  • How much heat occupants are producing and household appliances generate?
  • Remember that the key to any cooling efficiency and productivity depends on whether you choose the right number of the AC unit for your particular application.

When installing a new room air conditioner you must try to locate the air conditioner in a window or wall area near the center of the room. It is also helpful to install the air conditioner on the shadiest side of your home. Try not to let any air leaks while installation – you can minimize it by setting or room air conditioner or ventilation snugly into the hole and seal the gaps with foam weather stripping material.

AC noise level is one of the biggest factors customers consider before buying. Units with setting operate at a relative whisper and provide greater comfort than just cooling.

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