Published on Jan 11, 2017

Airship White Background Images

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Airship (also known as the dirigible) is “lighter than air vehicles” that can be controlled and driven by air using rudders and propellers or other plunge. Unlike other aerodynamic aircraft such as fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, which are produced lift by moving the wing, aerostatic aircraft, airships and hot air balloons, stay aloft by filling a large cavity.

The airship is one of the oldest vehicles for airborne operations. After the appearance of the airplane, as well as a series of disasters, airship lost its demand and its use in the modern era of aviation was limited. This can be changed. Airships have able to drift and lift heavy loads for long periods of time with very low fuel because it has renewed the interest in the benefits of these vehicles as possible aerial platforms.

Airship is different from aircraft or helicopter, because they do not use a lift to get off the ground. Instead, they fill the large hollow space with a lifting gas such as helium or hot air, which makes it easier to ship lighter than the air, so it will be lifted off the ground. The first flight under the control shown in history succeeded by airship.


There may be more effective than the external environment airships. There are a number of surveys and studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of airships. The airships world appear increasingly dressed in different colors and companies are increasingly using them for promotion and advertising.

Recent studies have examined the use of long-term survival, high-altitude airships as cheaper substitutes for satellite operations, where the project is carried out in conjunction with the design of the structure.

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