Published on Aug 25, 2020

Anime Cat Background Images

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There are a lot of cats featured throughout Anime.

For some reason, cats are major staples of the anime world. It is “neko” this and “neko” that. The answer may be the same reason that the internet itself is obsessed with cats. They are cute, have strong personalities, and can go from mysterious to totally goofy in an instant.

Another reason could be cultural. Cats are popular in Japan as pets and there are tons of cat merchandise that are part of “kawaii” culture. Also, Japanese homes value small spaces, and cats are animals that are more adaptable to small living spaces than dogs. Another major point is that cats have huge eyes, and that translates wonderfully into art.


While there is usually at least one cat in an anime, some are far more memorable than others either for their roles, their designs, or their personalities.

Meowth From Pokémon

Pokémon are typically based off of animals, and there are a lot of cat Pokémon today. You could even have a whole cat-themed team.

In the anime though, there is no cat more well-known than Team Rocket’s Meowth. He is one of the few Pokémon in the shows and films that can actually speak. Unlike others of his kind in the show, he walks on two feet like a person. He is also one of the few characters to break the fourth wall. Like Pikachu, he is one of those characters that even non-fans recognize.

Nyanko-Sensei’ From Natsume’s Book Of Friends

Nyanko-Sensei is actually a powerful youkai. The cat form isn’t his true form, but it is one he has chosen. Like a lot of cat characters, Nyanko-Sensei can be somewhat condescending and selfish.

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