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Apple Wood Background Images

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The very first Apple logo, introduced in 1977, featured Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree, with one solitary Apple hanging precariously over his head:

The logo was designed by Jobs, together with Ronald Wayne. Inscribed on the logo are the words “Isaac Newton – a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought – alone”, a quote from a poem by William Wordsworth that Jobs must have felt some affinity towards.

However, Steve Jobs was not satisfied with the original logo, so a year later he commissioned designer Rob Janoff to create a new logo that focussed on the apple. In 1977, Apple unveiled what would become one of the world’s most iconic logos: a colourful image of an apple with a bite taken out of it.


In this version of the logo, the apple represents two of Issac Newton’s greatest discoveries, gravity, and the discovery that white light can be split into all of the colours using a prism.

Since then, there have been many myths and numerous theories to explain why Jobs chose an apple as the symbol of the company and why the apple has a bite in it.

One enduring myth is that the logo was a tribute to Alan Turing, inventor of the enigma code-breaker computer, which some attribute as the pre-cursor to the modern computer. Alan was a brilliant mathematician and electrical engineer, but he lived in a time when his homosexuality was not accepted. Sadly, ten years after his brilliant achievement of breaking the German communications code, he took his own life by biting into an apple he had poisoned with cyanide. A good story, but the story was never confirmed by a Steve Jobs.

Some people have suggested that the logo represented Steve Job’s and Steve Wozniak’s attitude to business. Both were driven individuals who were keen to “take a big bite out of the apple”. However, there is no evidence to support this theory.

Another theory is that the apple, repeat with a big bite, represents the apple of knowledge eaten by Adam and Eve. Taking a bite from the forbidden fruit lead to their enlightenment, albeit at the annoyance of their god.

According to one of Steve Job’s biographers, Jobs has explained that he named the company he co-founded with Steve Wozniak “Apple” after returning from an apple farm that he had just visited, recounting that he thought “Apple” sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating.” As for the famous bite, perhaps the best answer comes from the person who designed the logo – Rob Janoff. He says the reason for the bite is clear. Janoff is on the record as saying it was to give the logo scale as an apple. Without the bite, the logo could be mistaken for a cherry.

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