Published on Aug 29, 2020

Apricot Background Images

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Most people know that fruit is good for you. But, many do not know the benefits that some fruits have, and what you could be missing out on, in terms of needed nutrition for your body. Many people would be surprised what one small fruit can do for your health, and the many ways you can consume a fruit. One of these fruits, are apricots.

Apricots come from a small tree. They are very similar to peaches with their orange and fuzz like texture. They also have a single seed in the middle that is referred to as its “stone” Apricots can range from a sweet to tart like taste. Not only is this fruit enjoyed fresh, but there are many other uses for apricots. It can be enjoyed as a dry apricot snack, used in different recipes, used as a medicine and or supplements, used as an antioxidant as well as many other things. Let’s look into some ways apricots can be used and even beneficial to your health.

When you are searching the internet for new and different recipes, you would be surprised how much apricots are used as ingredients. There are dry apricots used in dried apricot recipes, such as meat, breads, and salads. Apricot preserve recipes, like sauce, dressing and glazes and a very similar apricot jam. If you are interested in creating your own apricot concoction, the preserves can made with melted sugar, lemon juice and water. They are heated on frying pan which creates an apricot preserve in a little over an hour. There is a wide range of recipes for appetizers, breakfast, entrees and even beverages, like smoothies. Desserts like chocolate covered apricots have even become a popular sweet.


When it comes to your health, many people are starting to want more of a natural relief or a supplement. Apricots hold that important immune boosting Vitamin C that a lot of people find very important to have in their diets. Vitamin A, which supports retina, is responsible for a wide range of health benefits as well. This in turn sustains things like vision, your immune system, and growth and development. Apricots also have a good source of fiber and potassium. It has been used for things such as constipation, bleeding, inflammation and even asthma. There are so many different ways your body can benefit from this fruit, and many

So whether you are looking for a healthier recipe to add to your diet, or are wanting the vitamins these diverse fruit carry, it will never hurt to have apricots in your life. Like many things, there is always more research that can be done to find all the possibilities fruits can be used for. You might find more information on a certain fruit that you never knew about before.

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