Published on Jan 11, 2020

Assassins Creed Background Images

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The original Assassins Creed split gamers down the middle, some loved the innovative free-running system and unique story and settings, whilst others loathed the game due to a lack of variety in it’s missions and simplistic control system. However the creators of Assassins Creed paid attention to these people, looked at what they loved and at what they hated and learned from them, and thus Assassins Creed 2 was born.

Once again you will be living the life of one of Desmond Mile’s ancestors, more precisely Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Unlike Altair from the original game, Ezio is no master assassin to start with and Assassins Creed 2 follows Ezio through a very large portion of his life (spanning roughly 30 years) A tragedy in Ezio’s teen years moves him to seek revenge.

Thus over his lifespan Ezio becomes a deadly Assassin, and unlike AC1 where you were already a master assassin it is a welcome change to play as Ezio as he learns these skills through his experience. Ezio is also a much more likable character than the rather cold Altair (who makes an appearance in AC2 and plays and important part in the story) he’s a charming Italian, and is well acted and played.


As you might expect the story deepens in AC2, as subject 16’s background is slowly revealed and new information is learned with some amazing revelations at the end of the game. However, i’ll leave this review spoiler free by saying the story is engrossing and keeps you playing.

Thankfully the modern day part of the game does not interfere to much, unlike the orignal game where you were dragged back into modern day fat to often with nothing to do in those little interludes. For the few times tat you are brought back to the modern world it’s for good reasons and some nice gameplay touch’s. Desmond is less of a useless lump and now seems to have toughened up, making for some interesting changes in his character, as the game progress’s Desmon also becomes an assassin thanks to the bleeding effect, which see’s him learning the same skills Ezio does. This opens up many interesting possibility’s for the next game.

The new economic system is the biggest and by far best change to the gameplay, players now earn Florins as they complete missions which can be used to buy new armour, weapons, smoke bombs, throwing knives, healing items and poison. Money can also be invested in your own private Villa and small town which you gain access to early in the game. You can upgrade the town and villa, which in turn earns you extra money every 20 minutes (real time) Your villa also stores all your weapons, armour, collectibles and more whilst your town has many shops. It’s a fantastic addition to the Creed world.

Ubisoft have also addressed the variety issue in many different ways. Gone are the investigation missions that plagued the first game, in it’s place is a more natural and free flowing missions system which builds up to each major assassination. It’s almost taken it’s cue’s from GTA’s mission structures and it works very well, everything seems far more natural now and flows better. They’ve also added in side missions, which are entirely optional throughout the game, these include assassination contracts, couriers missions, race’s and even beating up unfaithful husbands. which takes me smoothly to the combat.

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