Published on Jan 28, 2021

Astonishing X-Men Comic Wallpapers HD Background

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Astonishing X-Men is the name of four X-Men comic book series from Marvel Comics, the first two of which were limited series. The third volume, an ongoing series, began in 2004, with its first run written by Joss Whedon and art by John Cassaday. It was then written by Warren Ellis with art by Simone Bianchi and Phil Jimenez. Daniel Way and Christos Gage then took over the title writing alternating stories. They were followed by James Asmus who wrote one issue, then Greg Pak, who took over for four issues in November 2011. Marjorie Liu wrote the final 21 issues of the series until its end at issue #68 in 2013.

The title’s fourth volume and second ongoing series launched in 2017 during the “ResurrXion” storyline. The first run was written by Charles Soule and illustrated by a rotating cast of artists. Matthew Rosenberg and artist Greg Land would then take over the series before its end in 2018.

Most of the regular X-Men left the team over a conflict with Professor X. An interim team consists of Cyclops, Phoenix, Wolverine, Archangel, Cable, and Nate Grey.


This team protected the Mannites (a group of super powered, genetically engineered children) from Death, a horseman of Apocalypse. Wolverine was apparently murdered by Death in the final pages of the series, but it was later revealed that “Death” was actually a mind controlled Wolverine, and that the “Wolverine” who was killed was an imposter, a shapeshifting Skrull.

Astonishing X-Men Comic Wallpapers

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