Published on Jan 2, 2017

Badminton Shuttlecock White Background Images

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Badminton shuttlecocks are lightweight have feathers and arranged in a cone shape. Most varieties are prepared from duck feathers. They can be made of goose feathers same time as nylon. Some factories store them in special storage system, so they are more durable.

Feathers are embedded on one another in a conical shape. It is shaped in such a way so as to achieve an aerodynamic stability.

In order to improve the quality of sports accessories manufacturers often gather feedback on its performance. Based on this feedback, they tend to make it better. Duck feather type is of good quality and offering the best flight and control of the birds. Badminton players like to play with them as it moves back and forth with ease.


While feather badminton cocks need to be replaced more often. They are light weight and lose their cords open when played at a speed of 320 km/h or more. Although plastic cocks travel slowly, because they are a little harder, do not break easily. They begin slowly and pick up speed at the end of its flight.

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