Published on Jan 7, 2017

Basketball Net White Background Images

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Basketball hoops are just one of the components of the game of basketball and there are many factors to consider before buying one. There are many brands, models and types available, and some cost a bundle. Being informed of the choice can help potential buyers and owners, such as yourself, make the best out of their investments.

Hoops are divided into three main categories: in-ground, wall-mounted and portable basketball hoops. Each type of hoop has its own set of advantages. The most stable in the ground. Its pole is planted in the ground using a ground anchor or cement. Because of the stability provided by the base, potential buyers have more options when it comes to backboards. Portable types still have the base, but unlike land hoop portable type may be moved from one area to another. The base contains sand or water and has wheels under it. Portable hoop is a convenient option for people who have minimal space in your home or bases. Wall-mounted basketball hoops are another useful option for tight spaces. Unlike the two previous examples, the hoop suspended or fixed to the wall with brackets. They are usually used indoors.

Other subtypes include toys hoops and arcade hoops. Toy hoops are several times smaller than the standard, and can be suspended from the door or wall with staples or plates. Arcade hoops often have an electronic scoreboard. In both cases, the balls are often smaller than conventional types of small-sized to fit the hoops.


All three categories allow the user to make adjustments in terms of height. There are two types of adjustable basketball goals: a sort of half-foot increments, and the other allows for more minute adjustments. Depending on the mechanism, adjustments can be made with a spanner, pins, or the handle.

When it comes to basketball hoops, you must not forget the net. There are three types of net. nylon, cable and chain. The most common are net made of nylon. They are found in schools and in the NBA. Some found in parks and other public grounds basketball courts used chain net.

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