Published on Aug 29, 2020

Batman Joker Background Images

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The Joker, like many of the mentally unstable members of Batman’s rogues gallery, has an obsession. Scarecrow’s is fear, Riddler’s is proving his intelligence, Two-Face’s is fifty fifty chance.

However, The Joker’s obsession isn’t about being a clown. The reason The Joker is insane is because he’s obsessed with being insane. The complete disregard for human life. Trying to be fun and humorous in deadly serious situations. The strange appearance. The crazed laughter. All things we’d associate with insanity. And with The Joker.

This is why it’s so difficult to pin down his motives. It’s why his backstory changes on a whim. Why, to quote the DC wiki: “One day The Joker may be a harmless clown, on others he can become a crazed super-killer.” It’s because The Joker’s insanity isn’t rooted to some past event or simple desire, but he exists to be the living embodiment of insanity and all the chaos that brings. The Joker’s insane because he’s insane because he’s insane and so on for infinity.


Sure, there’s the clown theme, but when your body takes a dip in chemicals and your body is changed to look like he does, you might as well run with it. Maybe there was a connection to comedy before the accident happened, his backstory changes so much we’ll probably never get a definitive answer.

However, The Joker’s not satisfied with just being insane, no sir! The Joker is a self obsessed egomaniac. If he’s going to be insane, he’s going to make himself the most insane person in existence. He’s so insane he makes other people go insane. “When super-villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories.”

This explains his obsession with Batman.

In The Joker’s eyes Batman is insane, like him. He dresses up like a bat and fights crime in some messed up crusade of justice. While we know Batman’s not the most mentally healthy person you could meet, I don’t think we could call him insane. Obsessive and driven, maybe, but not insane.

However, The Joker sees Batman as insane. And yet, when Joker zigs, Batman zags. Where Joker is loud, Batman’s stealthy, Joker kills excessively and for fun and Batman tries to never take a life. Joker’s colorful and Batman’s dark. Joker is funny and Batman is stoic.

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