Published on Aug 29, 2020

Batmobile Background Images

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Probably no other fictitious character uses as many gadgets as Batman does. Not for nothing is Batman one of the top most superheroes of our times. Liked by children and adults alike, Batman carries on his endeavors, fighting with the evil and saving the lives of common folks. His most famous insignia is his car, also known as Batmobile. Batman endeared himself to a full generation with his antics, and the legend of Batman goes on unabated. Batman Batmobile is very popular indeed, and the mere sight of Batmobile is enough to let people conjure the image of Batman.

Many people may not know it, but Batmobile is real. It is not a computer generated image, and it runs on roads just like any other fast-moving car. It has undergone many renovations and change in design from the time it first appeared on the scene, some 40 years ago. You must have seen Batmobile coming to the scene of crime with batman on it many times in the films. It takes our superhero to wherever he goes and goes into the Bat cave where he lives. What you see is a real car that is the result of engineering and physics. In fact people found it out when the car raced along with many other cars at a major NASCAR race in 2005.

But, the reality is that despite it being a real entity, what we see in films is not this car and the Batmobile seen in the Batman movies does not exist at all. Nathan Crowley, the man who designed the first Bat car for the film Batman Begins, has all the answers. The car is there and the close-ups are taken as well, but for scenes where the car is doing all sorts of stunts and even flying are done with the help of computer animation.


Batman Batmobile has been evolving all the time. Many years ago, when it was designed for the first time, it had fins and tail just like a bat and did look attractive, but the design is more sleek and good looking as the time has passed and it is today one of the most attractive and innovative looking automobiles on the roads.

The lovers of Batman have accepted the Batman Batmobile as a thing that coexists with batman and they cannot imagine batman without it. It is almost as if Batman cannot be seen without his car.

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