Published on Nov 2, 2019

Beautiful Powerpoint Background Images

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Everyone is beautiful because all sentient being have something to offer to some other sentient being. Superficially, it’s their beauty, or loveliness, or grace, or cuteness, etc. Those kinds of beauty are pleasant to the human eye; on the other hand, it can create jealousy, which may not be so pretty but does has the possibility of teaching us many lessons.

For one, the fact of being jealous is a form of grasping and that’s not good; we need to realize that physical beauty fades. For another, a beautiful being may be one enduring an illness, either physical or mental; and for that person the illness is a challenge with lessons as well.

Everyone is beautiful because we’re all one with everything else. When you see someone who’s enviously so, you want to be just like that person. Well, you are. Meditate on that fact. Use, maybe, on the beauty and compare it to, say, a warthog. You’ll arrive at the same conclusion.


But say the person is homely, and say the person is also revengeful, selfish, egotistical, loud, cruel, and so on. Really now, as a good person, you have to pity that homely one as much as you’d pity the beautiful but ill person.

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