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Beaver White Background Images

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Beaver is a paramilitary nocturnal and semi-aquatic rodents. It belongs to the genus Castor and is currently represented by two species known as the North American beaver and the European beaver. They are known for building dams, canals, and lodges. They are the second largest rodent known all over the world. They live in colonies and make dams that are deep in the water and protect them from predators.


The population of North America beavers is rapidly declining due to its excessive hunting. They are killed for fur and glands which are used as a source of medicines and perfumes. They are known for their natural trait to make dams in the lakes where they live. They have very sharp and powerful front teeth used for cutting trees to build houses and kitchens.


They are known for their alarm signals. When frightened, the beaver dives quickly and hits the water with a wide tail. This sound can be heard from long distances above and below the water. This behavior acts as a warning for other beaver that is in the water. After notifying by calling other beavers to dive into the water and will not be come into sight for some time. They walk slowly on the ground, but are effective swimmers and can stay under water for about 15 minutes.

What They Eat

They are herbivore in habits and prefer to eat leaves, birch, inner bark, twigs of aspen, maple, cherry, cottonwood, willow and other deciduous trees. They also feed on sedges and water lilies.

Beaver Life Span

Beavers grow continuously throughout their life. Adults can reach a weight of 25 kg. Female are larger than males, which are unusual among mammals. They live up to 24 years. They are very close to the squirrel, like the lower jaw and skull.

Both are genetically incompatible. North American beavers have 40 chromosomes, while European beavers have 48 chromosomes. North American beavers are also known as Canadian beavers. They eat a water lily. Beavers are the common hosts of Giardia lamblia, which causes giardia. Beaver testis and castoreum, bitter secretion is present in the castor glands of male or female. Beavers are used commercially for the production of medicines. Castoreum is also used for making perfume. They are the national animal of Canada.

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