Published on Jun 27, 2019

Black Background Images

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Psychology and the meaning of color black, what is black, and how does it affect us? Also, if black is your favorite color or you like to wear black, what does that say about your personality and psychological motivations?

Black is often associated with wealth, intelligence, seriousness, negative, evil, uncertainty, formality, death and power.

Black is also associated with the style. Business men and women often wear the black suit; the black suit implies seriousness and professionalism. Black is a very flexible color that is very suitable for many situations, such as business, weddings, social and personal life.


There are many puzzles associated with black, black hides things and absorbs other colors. It can also be a very effective color to highlight other colors.

What Does it Mean to Wear Black?

Blacks often look good and professional to wear, so this probably means that they are proud of their appearance. Black is not the color of attention, so the user may not want to stand out. Since they are not looking for attention or approval, their desire to look good is mainly due to personal pride in the fact that they look good for themselves, rather than trying to impress others. It can also mean the need for privacy and secrecy.

The black color is a very common color for cars, which may involve ordinary thinking and a desire to comply with social norms. They probably have a strong desire to be normal and fit, while they look stylish, honest and professional.

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