Published on Aug 21, 2020

Black Pug Background Images

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These short, stout and very sturdy little dogs are often referred to as the canine clowns. They are a funny breed, not only in the way they look, with their very adorable little squished faces and big, bulging eyes, but they are full of personality and love to have fun. They also love to make their owners laugh and interact with them in a big way. These little guys are part of the work group in the AKC registry. They were originally bred specifically for being a lap dog, which they do, do well.

They love to spend time with their owner no matter where it is, but quality time on the couch is a big part of who this breed is. More than likely you have seen this breed many times, as it is a very popular breed. You may even know a little about it, but here are seven things you didn’t know about the black pug.

Due to the black Pug’s willful behavior and temperament, they can be a bit difficult to train, but they are trainable. They are intelligent dogs, too, which means that you will always need to be a step ahead in their training methods, as they easily grow tired of routines. They need a mix-up of training procedures to get them to do and learn what you want them to.


These are highly energetic dogs. The black pug has a lot of spunk and energy and will easily grow bored if he is not exercised and played with on a regular basis to allow him to get his wiggles and energy out. He is an indoor dog, but does need outdoor time to roam and run and play. Walks are good for the black pug. Taking him out on a couple off 30 minute walks each day, or playing games with him in an enclosed yard, or even time at the dog park, are all favorite ways for a black Pug to expend some of the energy they keep stored up in their little bodies.

Black Pugs are considered one of the rare colors of Pugs but they are not as rare as the silver colored Pug. The brown colored Pug is the most common color of this breed, so anything other than, is a rarer find. However, some breeders will try to charge a lot more for a black Pug and pass it off as a very rare color, when in fact, it is not. If a breeder tries to tell you that the black color means a higher price for a puppy than the brownies, find another breeder to work with.

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