Published on Dec 20, 2019

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One experience that all your children should get, is a story read to them when they go to sleep. This is a soothing experience that will help them calm down and go to sleep but it is also a key ingredient in their mental development as they start to learn how to have abstract thought. This means at a simple level, imagining things and creating images in their heads. Television can’t do this as everything is fed to them, leaving their brain with nothing to do but stare and absorb.

So when bedtime comes around, what sort of stories should you be telling your kids? Gripping suspense thrillers? Gothic horrors?

Fairy Tales Book

One of the best places to start is with a fairy tale. These stories have proven over the years to be great places for children to start their journey into more complex stories as they move on from baby books. Stories like Cinderella, Snow White, The Princess and the Pea and the Wizard of Oz are all fantasy stories that have a wide array of dragons, and maidens and heroes and villains that are perfect for teaching your child about right and wrong and to prepare their heads for understanding more advanced stories as they get older.


Childhood Adventure Book

Books by authors such as Enid Blyton or J K Rowling are excellent bed time stories for children as they offer young children an adventure which they can relate to as the protagonists are about their age. Both Harry and the children in Enid Blyton stories go on adventures ranging from fantastical and elaborate to simple and noble but the main point is that they something your kids will enjoy imagining they are taking part in.

Abstract Books

Roald Dahl offers the perfect examples of childrens books in this sort of category. His stories offer weird and magical tales that usually involve children and often come accompanied by beautiful illustrations too. His settings tend to be a family setting which most children can relate to which helps with their relationship with the story. Puzzle books and pop up books also make excellent abstract stories come alive.

The overriding theme when it comes to these children’s stories is that they all help your child relate to the story. This is normally done by having a child as a main character but then takes them on a fantastical journey. Encouraging the development of your child’s imagination will stand them in good stead for learning in the future.

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