Published on Feb 5, 2017

Boots White Background Images

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The modern definition of “boots” is a debatable; shoes covering the whole foot and lower leg. Throughout history, the essential form of the boot is designed to meet the user’s needs and culture. Materials vary as the shape, but the main purpose of the boot remains unchanged for many cultures; to provide protection from the elements.

Boots are usually made of leather, but boots can be also made of many materials, including silk, cotton, wool, felt and fur. Boots are better than shoes for a variety of reasons. They are more durable. They are last longer. They protect your feet from potential dangers better than shoes.

Types of Fall Boots

  • Cowboy Boots
  • Dress Boots
  • Equestrian Boots
  • Hiking Boots
  • Hunting Boots
  • Leather Boots
  • Military Boots
  • Motorcycle Boots
  • Sport Boots
  • Ugg Boots
  • Work Boots

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