Published on Feb 5, 2017

Bow Tie Suit White Background Images

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Bow tie, also called dickie bow is worn by men over suit. It lies mainly with a formal suit. Bow tie looks great on suits and tuxedos. It consists of a cloth tape tied around the collar in such a way that both ends of the ribbon form loops. These ties are available ready-made as well. In the case of ready-tied, the bow already formed outside and fixed to the band that has the clip. However, some of these compounds do not have a clamp band and can be directly attached to the collar. On the other hand, traditional bow made of ribbon fabric, the user must manually tie around his neck.

Bow tie made of fabric, the material can used such such as silk, polyester, cotton or wool. The fabric wool is often used to make four in hand neckties.

Over time, the muffler gave way to bow tie and neck tie. Some say that it evolved as a scarf tie and ties came much later.


Traditional bow ties are of fixed length and have a certain amount of neck size, which varies from 14 to 20 inches. This amount also applies to the shirt collar. Fixed length of bow ties are the best option for a formal shirt collar wing, as they allow the user to customize and adjust the buckle of the tie.

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