Published on May 8, 2017

Bow Tie White Background Images

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Once upon a time, wearing a bow tie could mean the death to a possible romance. After all, who wants to date or, heaven forbid, marry an awkward nerdy geek, is not it? But how times have changed! Nowadays, the bow tie is cool and almost paradoxically, they are hot! They were worn by smart people, and that’s cool enough at the top to get away with something.

Today, bow tie exudes confidence and intelligence. It is often associated with being hip, witty and intelligent, but not strange weird and geeky. Indeed, the bow tie has evolved in such a way that people come to see it as a sign that the owner of a clever but respectable and of course, is not afraid to have fun. So if you come to think about it, it is not surprising that no athletes, rock stars, actors or any other celebrities bow tie are now more popular than ever before in human history.

And it is not only adults who get to enjoy the revival of the bow tie. Teenagers and younger children are beginning to appreciate it. When the band Jonas Brothers performed wearing bow ties and adolescents around the world, they found a strange new fashion accessory. In the end, for some, it becomes a new requirement for daily wear.


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