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Buick White Background Images

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In 1903, DDavid Dunbar Buick founded a car manufacturing company. Buick is one of the earliest car companies that was established. Its headquarters is in the United States of America in Michigan. The Buick logo represents the company’s remarkable services, products and commercial policies and is registered under the US Copyright Act. Another aspect of Buick logo is that it comes from the Greek word and displays the company’s trademark.

Founder: David Dunbar Buick
Parent: General Motors (since 1908)
Founded: (“Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company”); 1899; (“Buick Motor Company”); May 19, 1903; 115 years ago
Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan, U.S
Parent company: General Motors

The Buick logo changes from time to time, but Buick’s engine performance is consistent with modern technology. Buick models that have a low price, have three portholes, and Buick models, which have a higher price, have four portholes. The portholes allow air to flow into the engines. Over time, the number of portholes varies depending on the consumer. The latest Buick models have more powerful engines than the previous ones, for better performance of Buick cars.


Buick has a wide range of models. Different models have different characteristics, but the basic functions are the same.

Amazing models – Buick LaCrosse, Buick Lucerne, Buick Rainier, Buick Rendezvous and Buick Terraza. Some of the features common to all Buick models, Buick rims have alloy wheels and cars have matching bumpers. Buick Auto Parts for all models are easily available in the market. Buick cars have a dynamic look, and this company provides its customers with luxury facilities for a small amount of money.

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