Published on Jun 11, 2017

Butterfly White Background Images

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Butterflies are one of the most beautiful and graceful insects that form our gardens. Fortunately, it’s easy to attract these delicate beauties in your garden.

Watching Butterflies

Watching the butterfly does not mean sitting quietly in a quiet corner of the garden, stealing a beautiful giant skipper or Clouded Sulphur on a flower. It’s more than that. This is one of the most inspiring journeys that must take. If you are one of the craziest butterfly lovers, you should know that any place is not the right place to watch butterflies. They are located in certain places, and not anywhere since they feed on specific plants and require a special environment to thrive.


Although the UK has the largest number of butterfly lovers per capita than in any other country, the global community of butterfly observers is growing. NABA – The North American Butterfly Association is based on the membership of a not-for-organization, this organization is the largest association in North America, with the largest group of butterfly enthusiasts. In an effort to save the endangered Schaus’ Swallowtail of Florida, the organization pays particular attention to increasing the life expectancy of glorious monarchs named after their beautiful wings, which resemble the crown of the monarch.

This Butterfly Association has a huge contribution to the development of educational programs and campaigns that are magnificent creatures not only for nature lovers but also for rangers and schools. NABA made a noble effort to teach people how to find butterflies and identify them, although experience has always been the best teacher.

Thousands from all corners are eager to join the North American Butterfly association and learn to have their own butterfly garden. And it’s amazing that people are becoming more and more aware of butterflies, as it became known that some of them are in danger of disappearing from the face of the earth forever.

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