Published on Aug 29, 2020

Car Road Background Images

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A car is a road automobile used to carry passengers (people). Cars usually have four wheels (round things which turn in order to lead to movement), and an engine or motor to make them move.

Cars are also called automobiles, which comes from the Greek prefix “αυτό” (auto) and the French word “mobile”. This name means “self-moving”, as cars run on their own power and do not need horses or other power from outside to move.

To make a car move, it must have energy to turn the wheels. This energy might be chemical energy in gasoline or electrical energy in a battery. How quickly the engine or motor can send the energy to the wheels, and how much energy is sent, is called the power of the motor. The power of a car is usually measured in kilowatts or horsepower.


Some cars burn diesel fuel, which is used in big trucks and buses, and a few use wood gas. In some countries, such as Brazil and Sweden, a mixture of ethanol and gasoline, called “gasohol” in Brazil and “E85” in Sweden, is used as automobile fuel. Other fuels include propane, natural gas, compressed air, and ethanol (which comes from plants). There are cars designed to run on more than one type of fuel — these are called “flex-fuel” and are rare.

A few cars generate electricity from hydrogen fuel cells (like the Honda Clarity). As of 2019, most of the hydrogen that people use comes from burning fossil fuels, but scientists and engineers are trying to make hydrogen from renewable energy a lot cheaper and easier to use.

Some cars even use solar cells for their electricity, but they are not very practical. There is a competition every year where people try to design a car that can last the longest and go the farthest on solar energy alone.

There is also a type of car that uses both an engine and an electric motor. This is called a hybrid electric vehicle; an example is the Toyota Prius.

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