Published on Mar 1, 2017

Card Board White Background Images

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A cardboard box is basically made of flute (made from recycled paper), sandwiched between two liners. Now it is very common for these liners to also include a significant portion of recycled materials obtained from old cardboard or other sources of second hand made.

The first commercial paperboard (not corrugated box) was produced in England in 1817, by Sir Malcolm Thornhill. Cardboard box was made in the same year in Germany. The Scottish-born Robert Gair invented the pre-cut cardboard in 1890.

Cardboard boxes are used by children as toys, dress ups and other imaginary items.


Cardboard boxes have become a symbol of homelessness because some homeless people used them as shelter. At the beginning of the 20th century, box replaced with wooden crates and boxes, which are easier and more practical.

Nowadays, cardboard box are mostly used for delivering couriers or packages such as commercial products ordered by customers via online shopping sites. The e-commerce site employees then pack the product carefully and ship them in a cardboard box to the customer address.

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