Published on Feb 17, 2017

Cardigan White Background Images

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Although the styles come and go, some clothing items to survive and remain popular in wardrobe for generations. Cardigan sweaters for women are definitely fits into this category. Since 1800’s, when the Earl of cardigan knitted waistcoat was catapulted to fame for his heroism in the Crimean War to Lana Turner showing her assets in a tight sweater, cardigan sweater becomes a part of the cultural icons for decades.

While cardigan sweaters come in many styles, the basic elements of clothing remains the same: knitted sweater, which was buttoned, zipped or tied in the front. The original purpose of the cardigan to add extra warmth during the cold winter campaign of the Crimean War. Today cardigan are not worn on the battlegrounds; However, they do the general appearance under everyday settings, such as work and school. This is partly due to the ease with which the sweater allows the wearer to layer clothing of warmth and remove it when its not needed.

Another reason for the popularity of this type of durable sweater is the fact that it is so flexible and comes in many styles, from casual to formal. Today, there are more than one variety than ever in cardigan sweaters. Designers love the versatility of the sweater, which can be combined with many pieces in the collection. The cardigan sweater is a favorite way for women in all spheres of life.


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