Published on Jan 31, 2017

Carrom Board White Background Images

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Carrom is one of the most interesting and fun indoor game that originated hundreds of years ago. Even today, it is played with the same gust and momentum, as it was many years ago. It can play on two or four people, and it creates a competitive environment among the players. The game includes a variety of accessories, which is very important to play the game. Carrom board, dust, coins, striker, replacement mesh, stand for mounting the carrom board etc., are some of the most basic accessories.

Carrom powder is one of the most important accessories that facilitate better maintenance of the board. It plays an important role in improving the stability and board games. The surface of the board is made of plywood with patterns and prints on it. These surfaces are often polished to a good smoothness and low friction.

These boards are available in different sizes, but the board with 21 inches are often used to play at home. Coins used for these boards are made of wood. Without the use of dus the coins will roughened on board and lead to induce more wear and tear. Therefore it is important to apply powder every time you play the board. Using this powder, coins and striker drift smoothly on the board. It rarely causes any damage to the board.


There are different types of powder available, the most common type of powder made of boric acid, and it is used in most buildings and events. Another type of powder which is available at present include super fine powder.

It comes in small plastic bottles and comprises a number of additional functions. This is a completely non-toxic and offers great performance. It can be used in smaller quantities to get a high quality performance. It lasts for several months, as can be used in smaller amounts. One of the greatest benefits from the use of this powder is that it avoids abrasions.

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