Published on Mar 3, 2017

Cash Register White Background Images

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Cash registers are devices that are used by businesses for cash transactions and other types of transactions. The earliest cash registers are more like common machines or calculators. These systems have a device that will ring every time when the cashier presses the totalling button. These registers are equipped with a safety device that allowed the cash drawer to open only when the sale was recorded. The only way the cashier can be opened with a key, which is often stored by the shop owner only.

Today, cash registers are built to scan bar codes or universal product code that retrieve prices from a central database. They are often associated with computers that record cash transactions and automatic tax calculations. Other common features are a cash register record sales, the calculation of discounts and inventory management.

In small retail establishments, shop owners or managers often manually total and count all the records in their store. It is not possible in large companies, such as supermarkets and malls. Large companies are often equipped with point of sale system. Multiple electronic cash registers connected to the CPU. All transactions are recorded in this document makes it easy to complete the end of day process.


The most basic components of a simple cash register are the customer and the operator, a keyboard, a printer for printing receipts and internal memory of the machine. Choosing a cash register system depends on the object size and volume of business.

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