Published on Jan 6, 2020

Cauliflower Background Images

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Due to the cost and lack of flavour and colour in supermarket cauliflowers, most people do not think of Cauliflower as a desirable vegetable either in the garden or in the kitchen – and most children will not touch them.

However cauliflowers grown at home are a completely different story. Cauliflowers grown in your own garden or allotment come in a variety of colours and sizes and have a gorgeous buttery flavour that reminds us why they used to be such a popular vegetable – who hasn’t enjoyed a melt in your mouth Cauliflower cheese in their childhood.

Choosing your Cauliflower Seeds

If you want to grow your own white Cauliflowers, one of the most popular varieties is the ‘All Year Round’ which can be planted at any time of the year and will give you creamy fresh cauliflowers throughout the year. However there are more specific varieties that work wonders in different types of the year.


The aptly named ‘Amazing’ cauliflower provides a fabulous vegetable in the Autumn months whereas the ‘Gypsy’ Cauliflower variety provides tight white flavoursome cauliflowers earlier in the year in the summer months. Steam both varieties for a beautiful fresh white vegetable whether you decide to use the cheese sauce or not.

But Cauliflowers can also be grown for harvest in the winter and are one of the vegetables, full of vitamin C, that can be picked straight from the garden even in the coldest months. A great variety for this is Galleon with its fresh flavour and highly nutritious vegetable which gives fresh vegetables ready for Christmas day.

And if you want something more exciting from your Cauliflower and something to attract the children into growing and eating more vegetables. How about trying something like the Purple Mountain Cauliflower with beautiful cauliflowers. And with only around 90 days to wait after transplantation, you can retain most children’s interest long enough that they want to try the vegetable when it grows. And how they will be to serve to their friends such an extraordinarily coloured vegetable.

But the most extraordinary of all the cauliflower varieties has to be Romanesco varieties. Not only are the resulting vegetables bright green but, instead of being the flat round shape we normally associate with a cauliflower, they closer resemble an ornate pyramid and make for an amazing statement on any dinner plate. Looking like something out of this world, this cauliflower is so buttery it also tastes out of this world.

Growing Your Cauliflowers

The key to successful cauliflowers is in the preparation. Choose an area that has compact soil and is well drained to suit cauliflower plant roots and dig in lots of organic matter during the winter months into the area you intend to plant your cauliflowers, making sure that it has a lot of time to break down before you plant your seeds out.

High-nitrogen feed or regular general purpose fertiliser should then be used just before the vegetables start to appear to top up the nutrients in the soil and make sure you get the best from your cauliflower seeds.

With regular watering, you can then grow truly fantastic cauliflowers all the year round.

Protecting Your Cauliflowers

Most of the loss of flavour or colour in a cauliflower comes from the weather. Whether attacked by frost or discoloured and bleached by the sun, cauliflower heads must be protected from the elements.

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