Published on Aug 12, 2020

Cheese Pizza Background Images

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Do you love cheese pizza? Do you ever wonder where this delicious treat came from? You have probably heard that its origins were in Italy, but how exactly did it come about. Sometime in the late 1880’s, the Queen of Italy, Queen Margherita, along with Umberto I, her husband, went on a trip to inspect the Kingdom of Italy. While she was on this trip across Italy she saw that many of the countrymen, most notably the peasants, were eating a large type of flatbread. The Queen grew curious and asked her guard to bring her some of this odd looking Pizza bread. The Queen went crazy over this bread and would have some every time she went out among the countrymen, which actually created some dismay among the Queen’s Court. It just didn’t seem right for the Queen to be eating the common food of peasants.

But the queen wasn’t interested in appearances. She loved this pizza bread and decided that she needed to take matters in her own hands.Calling upon Chef Rafaelle Esposito to come from his pizzeria to the Queen’s palace, she gave him orders to bake up an array of pizzas for her eating pleasure.

Chef Rafaelle wanted to bake a super special pizza in honor of this queen who was very loved by her subjects. He decided to bake a Pizza and top it with tomato, Mozzarella Cheese, and some fresh Basil (in celebration of the colors of the Italian flag: Red, white, and green).


This new pizza actually became Queen Margherita’s favorite pizza. As you can imagine, once word got out that this pizza was one of the her favorite foods, she got even more popular with the people of Italy. She is also credited with starting a culinary tradition known as the Pizza Margherita, that has lasted to this day both in Naples and throughout the rest of the world.

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