Published on Jul 4, 2017

Cheetah White Background Images

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Cheetah name is used to refer to both male and female. It is a carnivorous and usually eats fresh meat. Its favorite food is gazelle and impala. It’s a diurnal, unlike other cats, and mostly hunt early in the morning and late in the evening. It relies heavily on the site different from other senses when hunting. You will find it on top of a tree of the country side in search of new prey. It is recorded as the fastest animal on the earth. In fact, it is faster than most modern cars.

Females, unlike lionesses, are solitary. After they mature, they move away but occupy the same territory with their mothers. Female cheetahs raised cubs and only mixed with a male when mating. Female cheetahs are known as promiscuous and can endanger the sire cubs from the various males. The life span of cheetah in the wild is about seven years, although it can live more than 12 years in captivity. It is one of the smallest cats and can sometimes be confused with a leopard.

The male cheetah male is bigger than a female counterpart. Differentiating only by physical appearances is possible. It is social and territorial. It lives in a group of even three cheetahs, who are usually brothers. Once they mature, it moves away from its mother, unlike the female. It mixes only with females when it is necessary to mate. This can happen at any time during the year.


Cheetah can reach speeds of 71 km/h in less than two seconds, although it can maintain speed in less than a minute. It is built for speed, every part of its body is well suited for high acceleration. Unlike other cats, it lives and usually eats during the day. Cheetah is a pure predator and feeds on carrion.

Also do not go back to the loot that was left after eating. Men can live in groups of up to three brothers, but females live in solitary life, although close to their birth mother. They mingle with men during mating.

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