Published on Jun 29, 2018

Chinese Dragon White Background Images

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In the East Asian culture, the Chinese dragon is very popular as a symbol of power. Although it is a symbol of power, it is not a military power or war-like that is not intended for the Chinese people. The dragon was used as a means of identifying Chinese from other Asian cultures, such as Tibetans and Mongols.

Today, the Chinese dragon is mainly used for decorative purposes, but the meaning of the dragon can be seen in Chinese culture, because it is still considered taboo and is a sign of disrespect to disfigure an image or statue of the Chinese image of a dragon or statue. Many houses in China and houses around the world are decorated with Chinese Jade Carved Dragon Statues.

It is believed that the Chinese dragon was obtained from snakes, fish and crocodiles and has long been associated with success and strength. In Chinese mythology, the dragon is a very central hero in most folklore and mythology.


Unlike many dragons depicted in European mythology, the Chinese dragon usually has no wings. The main role of the Chinese dragon is to control the water. They say that they control rain, rivers, streams, the lake and waterfalls. Thanks to this strong connection with water, many villages located near the watercourses will have a temple dedicated to the dragon.

The Chinese dragon can also often be a symbol of imperial or political power. In fact, the emperor, many years ago, called Huang Di, was believed to have become a dragon and ascended to heaven. Since many Chinese consider Huang Di a close descendant, the Chinese people are sometimes called “descendants of the dragon.”

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