Published on Feb 18, 2017

Chopper White Background Images

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Chopper is a bike that has its own structure, modified to give the bike a very characteristic appearance. As a rule, these bikes have long stretched structure and a front end with long forks. Most chopper have a thin tire on the front and fatter in back. Most of them have their rear suspension removed making the seat and ride your bike down to the frame. The fuel tank is usually sleek and thin as a motorcycle cool look. These bikes are designed for appearance and performance.

The evolution of the chopper began with servicemen returning from World War 2. Wanting to seeing the bike in Europe, some of the servicemen began to experiment with changes to their motorcycle design. Want to light motorcycles, they began by removing unnecessary parts of the bike are grown only absolute thing, allowing the bike to remain functional. These servicemen were modified in the bicycle frame thereby retains much of its original shape. Windshields, fenders, headlights and crash bars have been removed and the remaining motorcycle was usually painted into the black color. These stripped-down bikes were named bobbers and their main function is to be easier and faster than an ordinary motorcycles. Bobbers attracted a great attention to the people!

Modern chopper are fully modified bike with individual accessories are added to create a cool motorcycle. The main difference between a chopper and a custom motorcycle is that a custom motorcycle which usually keeps the original frame, while other parts have been changed. With chopper, the frame has changed and modified.


Today there are companies that offer kits to create your own chopper. These kits chopper consists of all parts needed to build a chopper. The main advantage of the design of the chopper from one of these sets is that it is much cheaper and easier than buying a motorcycle, remove all the unnecessary parts, and then grinding and welding of the body. Then you can further customize these chopper, adding accessories and a detailed of the tank to make chopper stand out from the other bike.

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