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Chrysler White Background Images

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Chrysler Car Company History

Walter Chrysler on June 6, 1925, founded Chrysler, an automobile company. Walter Chrysler launched an eponymous car in January 1924. The Chrysler 70 (also referred to as the B-70 ) was a 6-cylinder vehicle, designed to provide customers with an advanced, well-engineered car at a less expensive cost than they might expect.

Engineering Innovations


The 1924 Chrysler comprised with full pressure lubrication inside the engine, a carburetor air filter, high compression engine, and an oil filter, at a time when auto came without all these features.

Chrysler also developed a road wheel with a rim, designed to keep a tire. The automobile industry embraced this safety wheel.

Early Models

  • Chrysler 70
  • Chrysler Touring

Vehicle Marques

In 1928, Chrysler Corporation began dividing its vehicle offerings by purpose and price class. The Plymouth brand was introduced at the low-priced end of the market (generated essentially by once again reworking and rebadging Chrysler’s 4-cylinder model). At the same time, the DeSoto marque premiered in the field. Shortly after that, Chrysler bought the Dodge Brothers automobile and truck company and launched trucks’ Fargo range.

From 2001 and as of September 2009, the company had Chrysler: Dodge, Jeep, and three marques worldwide. Effective October 2009 a manufacturer was created with the creation of the Ram brand, a breakout from the Dodge marque.

Initially, the brand consisted of the Ram pickup, Dakota compact pickup, and the Sprinter van. During the unveiling of the business plan on November 5 of Chrysler, CEO Sergio Marchionne indicated that vehicles would augment the Ram brand, including a smaller van compared to the Sprinter, which itself could be substituted by a vehicle. With the Fiat 500’s North American introduction Fiat became the fifth brand of Chrysler in 2011.

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