Published on Jun 10, 2019

Classic Background Images

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Classic is an exceptional example of a particular style; something long or eternal; first or highest quality, class or rank – that illustrates its class. The word can be an adjective (classical machine) or a noun (classic English literature). This means a certain quality in art, architecture, literature, design, technology or other cultural artefacts.

In commerce, products are called β€œclassic” to denote a simplified version or a model with a long service life to distinguish it from a newer one. Classic is used to describe very largely, long-term sporting events. Spoken, everyday (for example, a joke or a mishap) can be described in some dialects of the English language as “absolute classics.”

β€œClassics” should not be confused with classical, which refers specifically to certain cultural styles, especially in music and architecture: styles that are usually inspired by classical tradition and, therefore, classicism.


Classics is the literature of ancient Greece and Rome, known as classical antiquity, and once as the main subject studied in the humanities. Classics (without a special article) may relate to the study of the philosophy, literature, history and art of the ancient world, as well as to “classical reading at Cambridge.” From this use came the more general concept of “classic.”

Chinese classics have a similar position in Chinese culture, and different lifestyles have their classics.

A well-known and reliable procedure, such as demonstrating an established scientific principle, can be described as a classic: Cartesian diving experiment.

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