Published on Dec 4, 2016

Cooling Pad White Background Images

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Laptop cooling pads regulate the heat emitted from the laptop and keep them from overheating. Thus, serious damage to the internal components of the notebook can be prevented and save battery life. Laptop cooling pads consist of a fan for heat dissipation, as well as holes for the heat outward. To use, they usually put in laptops and connects via USB-port. However, cooling pads which use power supply of laptop defeat the purpose of using cooling pads as they put additional load capacity for a laptop. Some come with conditions for an external power supply, so that this problem is addressed.

Studies have shown that the accumulation of heat in notebook computers is reduced to 20 percent, when they are angled relative to a flat laptop positions. Some cooling pad made to draw heat from the laptop to the lower side, while the other opposed blowing air to the laptop. Laptop cooling pad comes at a controlled rate to create different levels of air flow depending on the temperature and can range from 1800 rpm to 2800 rpm.

Laptop cooling pads are available in two types, fixed and folding. Fixed laptop cooling pad is a device from one side, which can be folded. It is able to run very quietly and consumes less energy than a folding Laptop Cooling Pad.


Folding laptop cooling pad on the other hand, can be folded for easy transport and storage. It usually comes with rubber bearings for reducing noise and vibration levels. This, however, tend to consume more energy to increase the fan speed.

When purchasing a laptop cooling pad, select those that can be folded into a compact device for easy storage and transportation. If you plan to take your laptop with you on long trips, try to seek out the cooling pad made of light materials.

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