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To grow corn, you will need a rich, fertile soil and you will need to add compost or manure to it to ensure the grain gets enough nutrients.

When to Plant Corn?

Corn will grow better in summer, as it prefers warm weather. Try planting your corn about 14 days before the last frost and stop your various varieties of corn in the form of cross-pollination each other, staggering your plantings for about a week. This will also make cleaning easier since corn will not be ready at the same time.


Where to Plant Corn?

Plant your corn in rows side by side with at least four rows of corn in one place to ensure that there is good pollination. The corn should have access to full sun, and also bear in mind that if you have other vegetables in your garden that corn will grow higher than most of them, which means that your other vegetables can be overshadowed by wheat that will inhibit their growth. Planting corn on the east or north side of your garden usually solves this problem. Corn takes up little space in your garden, so it takes a bit of planning before you start planting corn.

Rich soil with good drainage, like sandy loam, is ideal for planting corn. If you do not have sandy loam, fix it by adding a lot of compost to the soil before planting corn. For the best soil pH for growing corn, the soil should be measured about 6.8 on a pH scale.

How to Plant Corn?

If this is the first time, you will attempt to grow corn; you need to ideally turn a soil in the fall so that you can plant your corn in the spring. However, you can turn the soil and plant the corn in the spring and end up with a pretty good harvest. Corn is a heavy feeder and takes nutrients out of the soil. Rotating your planting spots will give your soil a chance to recover. Seeds should ideally be planted in a seedbed that is 8 to 10 inches deep.

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