Published on Apr 20, 2017

Cow White Background Images

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The 1,400 pound Female cattle are well known all over the world. In Hinduism, a cow is a sacred animal. A cow is revered in India as a food source and a symbol of life that can never be harmed. India has more than 67.9 male and 123 female million cows, the United States is only 93,500,000. Over 26 different breeds of cows freely walk through the streets of India, and many are considered part of the family.

The cow was domesticated about 5000 years ago, and was brought to America by pilgrims. Cows are responsible for delivering 90% of the global demand for dairy products, including milk, cheese and yogurt. Despite the fact that the cow is known for its black and white markings, there are more than 920 different breeds and all come in black and white.

Many of these domesticated animals can also be found in brown or gray. The Holstein breed cow black and white female cattle is used as a symbol of many boxes of milk and many other dairy products, because animals have high milk production. The Holstein breed cow can produce up to 5 litres of milk per day. It’s about 150 gallons of milk or more per month!


The cow produces milk for the first time only when the calf was born. A cow can eat about 95 pounds of food per day and drink about 30 litres of water. Their diet consists of grass, hay and silage. They swallow food and eat it again and again for easy digestion. They have more than 32 teeth and more than 200 bones in their body.

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