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Cowboy Hat Background Images

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A cowboy hat is just one piece of a cowboy’s attire. A hat only adds more to a cowboy. Cowboys definitely have their own style. When cowboys wear hats, it will easily stand out to those around him that he is a cowboy. It does not detract from his style.

The public can easily pick out cowboy hats from other forms of hats. They allow cowboys to easily be noticed in North America. If the hat is worn by someone they will be recognized by others. Why are cowboy hats so easily spotted? Because of their design. They have a wide brim around the hat, and a very high crown that can quickly be pointed out and identified.

They always have the same basic design. They are easy to recognize because they are unlike any of the other hats around. They are not always made out of the same materials, however. The most popular materials are felt, straw, and leather.


Most hats will also have a decorative band that is worn around the crown. They also have a tiny band on the inside of the hat. This band keeps the hat in place when you are wearing it. Cowboy hats come in many different colors. Any color under the rainbow can be used for a hat. The most common colors used, however, are brown, black, and beige.

In old Westerns the hero cowboy was always seen wearing a white hat, while the villain was always seen wearing a black hat. Today, when we refer to someone wearing a black hat, we are thinking of someone that has done unethical actions like a villain from a Western. The colors of the hats worn by cowboys may not be important in real life, but they definitely had an important role in the Western cinematic movies.

People wear them when they go Country dancing. Country music singing stars use them as a symbol of their music genre. Everyone can take advantage of cowboy hats, though they will remain a status symbol for cowboys and ranchers.

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The history of cowboy hats starts with the name, John Batterson Stetson. In the later years of 1860?s the hats were associated with heroism. It was then adapted to the uniform of the cavalry force. The media popularized these hats to costume great warriors in the screen. It then, served as the universal image for the sporty native hero of America. Now they are fashion symbols, which reflect the traditional style of sturdiness.

History states that Stetson had made a wide-brimmed, high-crowned hat from common fur of the horse hides, during his wild hunting tours to fulfill a bet. Its multipurpose functions such as large brim to protect the sun, the crown to fetch water or fan the fire, whip the horse etc gained public acceptance. The term cowboy hat was coined from its popularity among the cowboys. Stetson sold the first hat of its type in Central City, Colorado in the name? Boss of the Plains,? for $5, which was more commonly known as the “ten-gallon cowboy hat”. Some contradict the credit of invention to Stetson with the argument that the ranchers of Mexico and Texas had the practice of using wide trimmed fur-felt hat in the mid 1800 called “Sombreros”. It was also popular in Spain. They consider that Stetson did not invent the hat, only popularized it.

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