Published on Jan 31, 2017

Cricket Batting Gloves White Background Images

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Cricket is a very popular game and well-liked by most people. A number of cricket fans will argue that of all the cricket bat is a basic accessories which is a necessary equipment. Without a cricket bat player cannot score runs and obscure struggle between these two teams is unrealistic.

Cricket batting gloves are a vital element of your cricket equipment. They are built to guard your fingers from injuries and increase the grip around the bat. This gives you better control of the ball during the game. Frames made while cricket gloves will be stronger and more accurate. They are designed, respectively, for the convenience of a person during play.

Cricket batting gloves are made of fabric, cotton and rubber. The inner part is made of cloth to help grasp the batsman bat safely. The outer part is made of lightweight rubber and a large number of sponges in order to reduce the likelihood of injury to the fingers when the ball hit the hand of batsman. Furthermore, it can consist of an elastic, in order to maintain the glove firmly manually to batsman’s hand.


When choosing the right gloves, look at the finger to confirm that everyone in each glove brings flexible soft area. Also make sure that your thumb is on the lower side there is an additional protection, this is crucial.

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