Published on Jun 21, 2019

Dark Background Images

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Darkness repels a few visible things around, you feel relaxed, more focused, but your state of mind depends on how you perceive darkness. If you see it as evil, then you will feel scared and lost, if you perceive it as a consoling partner, then you will feel creative, full of thoughts. Because nature eliminates chaos and appearance, a friend to dwell in, at peace.

Thoughts can be negative or positive, whatever you’ll think you’ll become at night. But the night is only is just a part of Darkness. In a closed room where there is no light, there is darkness, so darkness gives you a feeling of captivity, restraint and slavery (prison concept), but the darkness inside the heart is dangerous because the darkness in the heart hides your real inner emotions that you may perceive negatively. But do not judge it as evil.

Few animals and birds can see only in the darkness for prey; it prevents the evaporation of water bodies and overheating of the earth. The universe is dark for us, the rotation of the Earth helps to balance light and darkness so that everything you see, touch or feel, or a fact, an event, an individual or any being, always have two sides, the basic principle of nature is a balance.


Darkness is not so dark, for some objects it is light, for some light it is darkness (like an owl), I believe that our eyes are adjusted so that we can recognize what light is and what is dark, it can be for some kind of adjustment.

Darkness means silence; you can hear yourself and make some decisions.

Darkness does not always mean that someone is alone but assumes that we are all comfortable in our skin.

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