Published on Aug 28, 2020

Dark Shards Background Images

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We almost always lean towards the unknown to find answers. Your question is a case in point. Everyone leans towards darkness at some point and this depends upon what you personally view as darkness. We are fascinated by the unknown or what presents itself as a survivable threat to our existence and peace of mind.

Darkness, per se, is full of potential fulfillment of our desires and/or comforting answers to whatever is stressing us out. We are a curious species. Ever questioning, ever desiring fulfillment ,recognition and validation of our existence.

Most do not consciously realize that even love has a dark side. It is therein where the majority seek solace. But is it satisfactory enough to quince our thirst for a feeling of unity with something or someone beyond our selves ? Ultimately, I would declare a resounding NO !!! The answer is found somewhere inside you.


Some of is come about finding it the hard way. That’s the darkness. Me, I am one of the lucky ones who are innately happy and content as long as my basic needs are met. All else is secondary to that experience.

The light is the known factor. The darkness holds the subjective and objective keys to what we seek.

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