Published on Jun 11, 2017

Dinosaur White Background Images

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One of the most interesting aspects of dinosaurs for children is to learn all about how diverse this group of reptiles actually were. For example, today there are more than 1000 different species officially listed and described. Many of these famous species were very small, the idea that all dinosaurs are huge is a bit wrong, and museums that like to have a huge and impressive dinosaur display often give the wrong impression. In the evolution of dinosaurs, they fill almost every niche in the food chain, which makes today and terrestrial mammals. If terrestrial mammals can vary in size from one female to an African elephant, then it is not surprising that dinosaurs varied in size too.

But what are really big dinosaurs? Children love to learn the facts and figures about these prehistoric animals, and among their favorite questions, to ask who is the largest dinosaur of all time? Identifying giants among dinosaurs is a relatively simple task. There is a separate group that has grown more than any other known type of dinosaur – indeed some members of this group were undoubtedly the largest, longest and heaviest terrestrial animals that ever circumnavigate the Earth.

There are many problems, trying to determine what is the biggest of Sauropods. First, most of these huge creatures, known only from a few fragmentary and far from complete skeletons. Although the size of a dinosaur can be delayed by several bones, such as the femur (femur), using a process associated with comparative anatomy, this is not accurate. Another problem is that new species are found all the time, and this can lead to changes in size. In fact, after the selection and description of new dinosaurs, as a result of publicity in the media can lead to the fact that some inaccurate size estimates are highlighted in the media. It seems that adults and children are also interested in record breakers.


The famously known dinosaur, such as Triceratops (Triceratops horrid), was big. The largest species of Triceratops are estimated to be about nine meters in length and can weigh up to seven tons. If this type of dinosaur was around today, it would be rated as the largest living terrestrial animal with an African elephant (Loxodonta africana) to rival it. However, Triceratops would have less than most members of the group “Sauropoda” – a group of dinosaurs with a long tailed lizard, whose representatives can claim the biggest of living animals known to science.

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