Published on Jun 22, 2017

Doctor White Background Images

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It’s obvious that everyone would like to have their doctor. And it’s pretty clear why. This makes it possible to get qualified help around the clock. Such a doctor can better diagnose and treat you better because he constantly monitors your health activity. He is interested in your health and takes care about prophylaxis. Finally, he is a close and trusted person to whom you can say something that you would never tell anyone.

Family Doctor

Family medicine is a separate medical profession, which actively began to develop worldwide after the Second World War. Today, no one was deprived of the opportunity to get a family doctor. You only need to determine what is more convenient and efficient for you: visiting some specialists for each health problem or regular supervision by your family doctor.


The family doctor has a clear idea of ​​the patient’s health and provides for a systematic treatment of the principles of the ultimate medicine and evaluation of the effectiveness of recommendations based on approved and scientifically grounded data.

The family doctor takes into account not only the physical but on the psychological and social status of their patient. A person is not only a set of organs but modern doctors, unfortunately, often forget about this. Also, the family doctor uses elements of psychotherapy, taking into account the influence of factors influence on sickness course, beginning from the home environment, the social settings and the behavior of stereotypes and ending with the emotional state. In this sense, family medicine is more humane, because it is based on a personal interaction between the family doctor and his patient.

Another key feature of the family doctor’s work is his directivity to prophylaxis. Today, patients are used to consulting a doctor only when they already have serious health problems. The task of the family doctor is not primarily in the treatment of the disease, but its prevention.

Family doctor allows you to get acquainted with all modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of common diseases. Of course, it will not replace specific experts, whose task is to treat complex cases with specific methods. A family doctor or general practice doctor is the first doctor to whom to consult an about the problem.

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