Published on Jun 28, 2018

Dodge White Background Images

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Dodge auto-mobiles came in 1914 and began as a company Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle. Later this company became a subsidiary of Chrysler Corporation, and in 1998 became part of Daimler Chrysler. Finally, in 2007, Dodge was bought by a private company and was released under the trademark Chrysler Holding LLC.

Founded: 1900
Headquarters: Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States
CEO: Timothy Kuniskis (Apr 2013–)
Parent organization: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Founders: John Francis Dodge, Horace Elgin Dodge

Dodge is known mainly for trucks that are always useful. There are many Dodge models on the market, including Dodge Caravan, Dodge Caliber, Dodge Dart, Dodge Dakota, Dodge Mini Ram Van, Dodge Nitro, Dodge Raider, Dodge Viper, Dodge Town Wagon and many others, some of these models are no longer manufactured, some of them are still a big hit.


Dodge Ram was first introduced in 1981 and was released in 1998. But the continued production of such full-sized trucks seemed a good idea for Daimler Chrysler, so they again adopted the model. The stand is called the “Truck of the Year” twice in the Motor Trends magazine, and this adds to the prestige of this reliable truck.

Latest car models are 2018 Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Dodge Durango, Dodge Grand Caravan, Dodge Journey, etc.

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