Does Apple Accept NUS Cards?

Yes, the discounts apply only to Mac, Macbook, and iPad variants. These discounts are for current and newly accepted university students. Notably, Apple provides discounts for teachers, students, parents of students, and school and college staff at all levels.

Does Apple check if you are a student?

An Apple Specialist will verify your eligibility using your university ID or acceptance offer.

What shops can I use my Totum card?

TOTUM Student Discount

  • 10% off at the Co-op.
  • 10% off ASOS.
  • 25% off Odeon student priced tickets.
  • Up to 40% off at Las Iguanas.
  • 10% Megabus (online only)

Is Totum Pro better than Totum?

TOTUM is available to higher education and further education students, whereas TOTUM Pro is for professional learners (i.e. people studying part-time for a professional qualification or current members of a recognised professional body).

Is Totum and Unidays the same?

Totum comes with a free one-year International Student Identity Card (ISIC) too – more on this, below. Unidays: this is an app rather than a plastic card, and it’s completely free to use. Anyone who’s 16+ and is studying at a university, sixth form or college can use it.

Do students get free AirPods?

Eligible participants get access to education pricing and free Apple AirPods with select purchases, as well as 20% off the AppleCare+ service program. … Purchasing either of these models (as well as most other Mac or iPad models) gets eligible participants free Apple AirPods (a $159 value).

Is MacBook air good for coding?

The new Apple MacBook Air (M1, 2020) isn’t just the best laptop Apple has ever made, it’s one of the best laptops for programmers. Easily managing over 11 hours on a single charge, this is a laptop you can easily carry around with you at work or school.

Does Apple audit education purchases?

Audit Rights

Apple routinely audits the purchases of customers at the Apple Store for Education to ensure that all purchase conditions have been observed.

Who can get Apple student discount?

Apple’s education pricing, which usually knocks around 10 percent off the price of most Apple products, is available to the following people: Current and newly accepted college students and their parents. Faculty and staff of all grade levels. Homeschool teachers.

Does Apple still give free AirPods to students 2021?

Free Headphones

In 2021, Apple gave college students a free set of AirPods for buying an eligible device. These popular earbuds normally cost $159, or $199 with a wireless charging case. Apple allows customers to upgrade from AirPods to AirPods Pro with a $90 upcharge as well.

Does Apple Check if your a student online?

Apple doesn’t appear to verify your education pricing qualifications at the time of purchase. Occasionally it does perform audits and if you can’t verify your enrollment, Apple reserves the right to charge your credit card for the difference between education and regular pricing on the items you purchased.

What is the Apple student discount uk?

How much discount does a student get at Apple? Students get up to 10% student discount on all new Mac models (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro) or iPad models (iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, iPad Mini).

Does Apple do NHS discount?

Apple EPP Store – Up to 10% off for NHS.

Is MacBook Air M1 good for programming 2021?

Programmers will find the based model of the Macbook Air without any upgrades to work very well for programming. The new M1 chip is fast enough for programming tasks. In fact, it’s known by many experts as one of the best laptops for programming (next to the macbook pro, of course).

Can MacBook Air run Python?

Python for Mac OS X

Python comes pre-installed on Mac OS X so it is easy to start using. … You can run a Python interpreter by double-clicking on Applications / Utilities / Terminal and typing python3 (if you’ve installed a version of Python 3) or python (to use Python 2) in the window that opens up.

Is MacBook Air M1 good for engineering students?

The M1 one the MacBook Air has 2 of its performance cores disabled which means that it will perform slightly worse. However, this is still enough to outperform a modern i7 processor. … While a Mechanical Engineering student may not require this much power, but it still goes to show how powerful this processor is.

Is Apple offering free AirPods?

Apple is giving away the first-generation AirPods for free, which means you get a benefit of Rs 14,900. You can upgrade to the second-generation AirPods (the one with a wireless charging case) or the AirPods Pro by paying the remaining amount, which is Rs 4,000 in the first case and Rs 10,000 in the second one.

Why are Amazon AirPods cheaper?

Why are Apple products so cheap on Amazon? The answer is pretty simple. Amazon buys Apple products in bulk, in advance and at a whole sale price (i.e. not the MSRP), which allows them to sell the devices at a discount and still make a little bit of a profit.

Is 256GB enough?

The reality is that 256GB of internal storage is probably going to be plenty enough for most people who don’t already have (or anticipate having) a ton of locally stored photos, video, video games, or music that can’t either be easily offloaded into the cloud, or to a backup drive.

Does Apple India give student discounts?

Yes, Apple’s ‘Back to School’ offer gives discounts and other benefits to high school and university students, their parents and teachers at registered institutions. The offer programme is available only for a limited time period every year by UNiDAYS Apple India.

Do Sixth Form students get student discount?

If you are over the age of 16 and are a part-time or full-time student in further education, you will probably be entitled to student discount or student travel cards. This includes Sixth Forms and Colleges.

Are Totum cards good?

TOTUM offers a range to ALL students, compared to its largest competitor who might have more offers/brands but limit the type of students that can access its services. It is well worth the price, although I am gutted many online brands don’t accept TOTUM, the 10% off at the Co-Op is useful.

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