Published on Jun 29, 2017

Dolphin White Background Images

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Many people are looking for information about dolphins interesting and often intriguing. There has always been a note about miracles, how dolphins interact, how they eat, how they multiply, how they travel, the extent to which their intelligence reaches, what other kinds of dolphins outside are the popular bottlenose and killer whales and so on. This list can go on.

Dolphin Interaction

Maybe one of the most intriguing information about dolphins is how they interact with each other. Many scientists and researchers believe that dolphins are very social creatures. Basically, in this attribute, they depend regarding survival. This includes, but is not limited to hunting, knitting and protecting themselves and pods of aggressive predators. They tend to live and travel in groups ranging from 2-40 dolphins. But scientists discovered pods as large of several hundred members. These groups are usually considered a herds or schools. In some cases, it is known that these groups include more than one type that seems to interact well with each other. Species that are usually combined into a multi-species group in the Dolphins the Spinner and Spotted ones.



Most experts believe that when dolphins create social relationships, they are long lasting, and also reported that when dolphins respond to other pods or a group, they usually deal with a ceremony of salutation, suggesting that in fact renewing old relationships. While large groups of dolphins tend to have a variety regarding age and gender, small groups usually consist of one adult, male or female, a group of women and young or groups of adults and young adults Males.

Communication with Other Dolphins

Another part of the interesting information about dolphins is that they have close contact with other dolphins in the form of petting, friction, and sometimes even hitting each other. They often swim very close to each other and often on the fins on the other side. There has also been friction of vertebral fins as their form of a unique handshake. Not only that, the other predominant behavior is that when they are aggressive, they tend to converge with a straight line perpendicular line. However, if the approach is non-threatening, dolphins tend to return or in an oblique angle.

From a communication point of view, dolphins are usually associated with the corresponding pods or groups by whistles. Many scientists believe that each dolphin has a unique whistle that identifies him with other members of his group or pod. The dolphins in distress, using a special whistle that shows help is needed. As others heard it, a pod or group usually reacts immediately.

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