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Dragon White Background Images

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Dragon is represented differently in different cultures, for example, in the west, which is described as a huge wing that breathes fire. There are many mythical creatures in various cultures, but very few, if any, can be found in many cultures as the dragoons.

Western Dragon & Treasures

In different cultures, a dragon can be found there is always has a different perception of this being. In the West, the dragon is considered an evil and the merciless creature that leads to the destruction of mankind by burning household and takes away livestock. It is also known to have a great treasure, and a person always tries to find a way to steal a treasure from a dragon, but the dragon defends it with full force. In some cases, however, the dragon is also seen as useful and defended in the West. This dragon protects humanity from other mythical creatures and is also used in battles.


Eastern Dragon

The Eastern dragon is considered differently because they are not considered as evil, as people in the West believe so. In oriental cultures, the dragon is seen as a beneficent creature, which is intended to protect humanity sing its supernatural powers. The Eastern Dragon is also very different from the western dragon, which takes a primitive lizard look. The Eastern Dragon is a giant serpent-like creature with a long body and two sets of legs. Eastern dragons can be found in Korean, Japanese and Chinese cultures. The oldest dragons of the East came from Chinese culture, and they are most connected with religion. Buddhist temples are decorated with dragons, like carvings and paintings, to show their special place in this religion.

Legend has it that while all dragons have a choice, whether they want to be good or evil, there are some general predispositions based on the type. Modern fantasy dragons are grouped into two main categories – good, kind and brave metal dragons and their evil colleagues, chromatic dragons.

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