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Drum White Background Images

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Drum beating, as it is commonly known, is associated with the birth of mankind. The drum and bass (usually abbreviated to DnB, Drum n bass and drum and bass) is a kind of electronic dance music known as the jungle. It is also called a membranophone means a tool that makes the sound of the impact of a prolonged membrane with some object, usually a curved stick.

Drums consist of a hollow part (called the body), a coating extending over the end of the drum and tuning keys or pegs that strike or loosen the membranes to achieve different tones. It is notion that the drum body generates sound; Indeed, the membrane and its vibration, which creates a sound when struck.

It is assumed that the creation of the drums was back in 6000 BC. The Mesopotamian excavations discovered small cylindrical drums from 3000 BC. In the caves of Peru found several wall markings, indicating the use of drums in various areas of public life. American Indians used drums and wooden drums for their rituals and ceremonies. Drums are not always used to create music. It is also used for communication purposes.


In African tribal cultures (and regional culture), drums play an important role in the use of rituals and religious ceremonies. People from different African tribes relied on the use of drums to express themselves and important messaging were made through a series of drums along the jungle. African drums and drummers provided an addictive and a unique sound that is deeply influenced by Western Rock and Roll music.

Double drumming is an important event in the history of the drums. Double drumming is one drummer who plays more than one drums. Cymbals and Tom toms, invented in China were added to the drum kits of the drummer who quickly adapted the various drums.

Electronic drums appear to create sounds that traditional drums were not able to generate. The history of the drums, thus, repeated the varying sounds and rhythms of human development.

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