Published on Sep 4, 2018

Dune Buggy White Background Images

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Dune buggys are recreational vehicles that have wide tires and are designed for use in sandy areas such as the desert or the beach. The main constructive concept of dune buggys is a modified engine that manages to powering an open chassis.

Americans are known for their insatiable appetite for outdoors and DIY “Do it Yourself” concepts. This makes a massive increase in the popularity of dune buggys hardly surprising. The vehicle became a symbol of the carefree spirit of the beach crowd in the early 1960s.

Dune-buggy were a common sight, making their way through the sand dunes of southern California and Florida, as well as the desert, like the Mexico’s Baja California and parts of the Mojave Desert in California. Made of fiberglass, these cars with an early life have a rounded and squat appearance, devoid of any flat lines. Most of them were often VW bug that were stripped down by their engines, tuned for more power and equipped with larger tires with thick treads to pass through the sand. Most of the dune buggys had rear tires, larger than the front ones.


Dune Buggys also allows people to be their own automobile designer, create and design their own car and do things along the way. Early dune buggies came in an array of dazzling colors and paint jobs, all made from purple, turquoise, lemon green and Rickie Tickie Sticke flowers decals, that complimented the happy-go-lucky nature of this vehicle.

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