Published on Oct 8, 2016

How Earphones Can Take You to a Different State of Mind

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If you have a big pair of earphones then they will give you the opportunity to enjoy the music in much better quality than is possible otherwise. If you are someone who really loves music and who has some interest in the sound quality, you will notice small differences between sound quality and not even notice it on some level, you will find more exciting and moving when you can hear all the instruments. They work in unison without any background noise. Most earphones can cancel background noise they can give you more clarity and they can support stereo as well.

Nevertheless, there is a great headset is not all about listening to music in the best quality and in fact there are various other uses of earphones, too, that will allow you to get more of them and multi-tasking and much more. Here are some other interesting things you can do that require earphones or take advantage of them.



iDosers are an interesting concept based on the research of surrounding ‘brainwave entraining’. Basically the idea is that you can listen to two slightly different frequencies, so that one in each ear, and by doing this your brain should then automatically decide the frequency, which is exactly between the two so you can recreate the different states of the brain of their own request a meditative state or one of relaxation. Of course, this is something that is still being discussed and it is a controversial topic but if you want to go then there are places that you can download some free samples to try.

Hypnosis Tape

This is another option if you want to achieve a different state of mind, that the basic idea of which is that you can listen to the hypnotic scenario that can get you to gradually return to a more susceptible position in which you would be open to suggestions that would make you change your behaviour for the better. Again, there is no evidence that it works but it can be an interesting activity in terms of scientific curiosity at least.


Stuck without a microphone, but you really need to record any sound on your computer? Well, good news – if you plug the headset into the microphone jacks, they can actually work in the opposite direction. This is because they use the same reflective plate to create the sounds and the only difference is the software as running.

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