Published on Mar 24, 2017

Earth White Background Images

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Earth is a living planet, where many complex systems work perfectly, without stopping at all. Compared to other planets, it is evident that all aspects of the earth are specifically designed for human life. Built on delicate remnants, life prevails anywhere in the world, from the atmosphere to the depths of the earth.

Mother Earth

“Mother Earth” and “mother goddess” worship dates back to prehistoric times and this phenomenon is widespread in most ancient societies of the world. There is enough evidence in the history of mankind to suggest that we have always believed in life in balance with nature, in fact, we have the great honor of “nature” and “earth” in maternal form.


Mother Earth consists of the biosphere and other physical components of the Earth, like the atmosphere of the cryosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere, united to form a dynamic, interactive system. This complex and the dynamic system is under great threat because of the dastardly actions of mankind from the last 300 years in the name of industrialization and material progress.

Climate change is unequivocally established as a global phenomenon that threatens the delicate balance between the biosphere and other natural components of the earth. In fact, global warming is destroying many species of plants and animals around the world.

Carbon emissions are recognized as one of the main causes of global warming and climate change. If we do not stop polluting the Earth, and if we do not reduce and eliminate sources of greenhouse gasses can end up with a barren land, and this will be the only sacrifice that we can have for our future generations.


Grounding or Earthing is an integral part of any electrical system, as it ensures that the fault current does not cause damage to the appliances or even worse, which lead to electric shock. There are different types of earthing; conventional earthing and grounding chemical.

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